• What is Prometheus?

    A unique, intelligent career guidance platform.

    We are developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) platform to help high school students go through experiences that will help them make better career choices.


    A large number of high school students are lost when it comes to choosing a career. In some countries, up to 56% of college students drop out due to unsubstantiated career decisions made in the past. Ultimately, this leads to professional insatisfaction and a huge resource burden to society.


    We are here to change that!


    Through Prometheus we want to build a future of truly happy professionals. Our platform will use AI and ML to safely profile students and connect them to mentoring sessions, internships, and programs in universities, greatly contributing to more educated career choices.

  • Come meet Prometheus Bot

    Interact with our dear Prometheus Bot, our Artificial Intelligence that will help you choose your experience.


    CLICK the robot to have a sample of a first interaction!

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  • What you get?

    We work with the best

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    One of our expert mentors guides you during your career search.

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    International Programs

    Travel and experience a specific field of interest in an international university.

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    Take the first big step into your new professional environment.


  • Prometheus suits

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    Students / Parents

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    Education Institutions

  • Testimonials


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    Álex Teixeira

    "A platform that uses AI and Machine Learning for improving my career decisions seems really interesting!"

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    Gabriela Zicman

    "I thought the idea of using AI and Machine Learning for career guidance is amazing!"

  • Professionals

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    Ana Paula Portugal

    "I work with self-awareness promotion for youth and tools that can help them make choices more clearly, safely, and in alignment with themselves are paramount. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will certainly play a key role in this process. "

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    Elisa Junqueira Nordskog

    "I work with professional guidance and think Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be great tools to add to existing methods and reach many more students!"

  • TED Talks

    Here are some really cool TED Talks we recommend. Give them a go and get inspired to think about your career perspectives.

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    Do schools kill creativity?

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    Your body language may shape who you are

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    How to speak so people want to listen

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    The power of introverts

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    The happy secret to better work

  • Meet 5 Universities around the Globe

    CLICK the logos and have a look at their websites.

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    University of California, Irvine

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    Cornell University

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    Utrecht University

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    The University of Tokyo

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    University of São Paulo

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